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Company Profile

Quality Ceramic Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and is a manufacturer & exporter of Premium Fine Porcelain Tableware with more than 500 employees.

To achieve “Spirit of Class”, Quality Ceramic demonstrated :

  • A mission to create high quality products
  • High quality materials 
  • High craftsmanship
  • Latest production technology

Corporate Culture

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System & Standard
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We are expertise in manufacture the high quality ceramic tableware. As one of the leading tableware manufacture in Thailand.


  • Producing the highest quality tableware. It is our honored ambassador to covey our charm  and simplicity concept to suit a market requirement.
  • Proceeding business with the best management to endure our  company.
  • Strengthening  and preserving  our staffs by  develop their abilities especially technology.
  • Proceeding the morality, responsibility and relationship with  the public

Shared Value

In order to achieve our mission, our staffs pursue TRUST as our shared values to walk together.


Production Terms

Our production capacity from 2 factories for Premium Fine Porcelain is 600,000  – 1,000,000 pcs. per month.

Lead Time

45 - 90 days for Plain Collection

90 - 120 days for Décor Collection


Quality Ceramic Co., Ltd.  distributes its products under our brand name:


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Authentic Sense of Home Dining
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Exceptional Way of Gastronomic Delight
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An Absolute Fusion on the Table

Our Uniqueness

Out standing characteristics of porcelain fine ceramic

  • Beautiful stylish tableware
  • Our special glazing formula and the gloss firing at 1,300 degrees.
  • The color of our products comes from the clay itself without adding color

Our Facilities

Our production system provides the ranges from machine made : turning process for plates and casting process for hollowware items. The production lead time takes about 60-90 days. Apart from manufacturing, we also provide relating facilities in order to achieve maximum client service such as packing, gift box procurement, transportation and etc.

Our Standardization

We are following ISO 9001 practice intensively to ensure that our customers will receive the best quality safety product. Apart from this, we are also concerning about social responsibility for sustainable development. Certified by Ministry of Labor and Welfare for Thai Labor Standard (MTLS,) it is guaranteed that our workers are fairly paid and have a safe and healthy working environment. Corporate Governance is our main focus in order to always be better proved by Good Corporate Governance Awards, ISO 9001 and The Member of Thailand Greenhouse Organization (TGO): Carbon Footprint.

Quality and Environment Policy

    Our strategic goals are to:

  • Create high-quality products
  • Maintain and increase customer satisfaction
  • Support for environmental protection
  • Comply with legislation
  • Promote continuous improvement